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About Us

2012 fire labThe Fire Testing and Evaluation Center (FireTEC) is located in the Department of Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) at the University of Maryland. Our 4000 sq. ft. laboratory provides small and medium scale fire testing services for product and material evaluation, investigation, and development. We also have unique capabilities for characterizing sprinkler and water mist sprays which provide drop size, velocity, and spray pattern measurements.

Our medium scale fire lab can accommodate fires up to 1 MW. Large scale fire and suppression tests are conducted off-site through a partnership with the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI).

In addition to testing, a wide range of research is conducted in the FPE laboratories by a talented group of faculty, students, and staff. This group is available to support FireTEC activities. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate in FireTEC tests. These experiences provide students with unique educational opportunities for involvement in and observation of real fire tests addressing contemporary and relevant issues in the practice of fire protection engineering.


  • Provide high quality fire testing services
  • Provide unique and highly relevant eductional opportunities for students
  • Generate a revenue stream capable of maintaining state of the art laboratory equipment and support staff
  • Enhance relationships, reputation, and leadership in the fire protection engineering community


FireTEC is an initiative of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering and plays an integral role in the department’s education and research missions.